Random Travel Tips

Traveling to another country will give you the opportunity to learn different cultures, belief, traditions and many more. But how exactly you gonna behave or say the right thing when you are in a complete  a different environment? This could be exhausting, if you are not fully prepared. Merry parking travel blog hope to bring you helpful travel tips which might be important to you. Check few random travel tips here.

random travel tips
Random Travel Tips

Crash cause on local language

You do not have to be an expert on the language if you do not have time to master the language but make an effort  learn very common but useful phrases. Such as ” Thank you”, ” Please”, ” I am sorry”, ” How much” Also if you are a vegetarian, or do not eat certain meat items, its better to know the words of these in local language so you know you can ask them and avoid eating what you do not want to eat. Read more for other interesting random travel tips.

random travel tips

Ready to try new food

 Most of us are looking forward to try the local cuisine and try to find places where they serve teh authentic local food. Do not try to pack your favorite food or snacks to take on your trip. You can come back and eat all that later and you may like it more, as you didn’t get to eat while traveling. This way you meet local people and a chat over a meal is an ideal way to break the ice and get to know the locals. Read more for other interesting random travel tips.

random travel tips

Have copies of all the important documents

Don’t wait till you go the new country to make the copies. Have copies of the passport, visa, hotel accommodation, air tickets and any other document you needed. if possible have two copies and keep in two different bags. Its also recommendable to have soft copies of these documents where you can access easily. Read more for other interesting random travel tips.

random travel tips

Don’t be predictable

 Nothing wrong with having a plan and a travel itinerary. It gives you a guide and pointed out the most important and must see places in the new destination. But it will be fun to act on impulse and do some spontaneous things in the new place.  There could be an event which you were not aware by the time you plan your trip so do not try to stick to the itinerary and miss out interesting events, places. But be cautious, check for more details before attending. Read more for other interesting random travel tips.

random travel tips

Bring Extra Cash

 Bring some extra money so there won’t be any regrets. You may see a souvenir or wanna take part in an event which was not planed. Even you will never know when an emergency occur so its always better to be prepared. But don’t put all the eggs in a one basket. stack the cash in two places so you know you always have extra cash in case you lost or needed. Read more for other interesting random travel tips.

random travel tips

Remember to Bring a wrap/sarong at All Times

Either to protect you from sun or cold have this ready in your back pack. In some countries you are required to cover your self when you enter religious places. This will come  in handy to cover your self up if you are wearing shorts or sleeveless tops. If not be ready to spend money on burrowing or buying. Read more for other interesting random travel tips.

random travel tips

Don’t forget to Click

These days there is no need to pack a camera unless you are on photographic tour. Your smart phone and the selfie stick is all you need. But make sure you bring an extra battery which is charged cause you may run out of it pretty soon. Also bring the back up. So every day you can take a back up of the photos and keep the phone memory empty for the next day. Read more for other interesting random travel tips.

random travel tips
random travel tips


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Helpful Travel Tips for the Solo Traveler

Traveling alone??? Are you insane??

Solo Travel

Is this what your parents reaction, when you announced you are ready travel by your self. You are a kid no matter how old you get, from your parents point of view. Also it is scary, daunting and all you got is your self to count on. But its fun! Its adventurous!! Read the article by merry parking team for helpful travel tips.

Hope the travel tips and suggestions we,merry parking discuss here will help you not only to encourage you but to actually start traveling by your self.

Be informed

Do research. As much as you can about the destination you gonna go. Unlike those days, internet brings all the information we need to our finger tips. Study the maps, read the fellow travelers feedback and find the best and the safest way to reach your city.

Some have even have virtual tours and google street views will also help you to be familiar with the new place.

Pre booked

Plan your trip well in advance. Book your hotel at the same time you booked your flights. If you go unprepared, then you may have to waste your time looking for a place to stay. Therefore save time by booking in advance and arranging all you need with the hotel/hostel/guest house. For an example, see whether the they can pick you from the airport, and take you on tours or even restaurant reservations.

If you like to rent out a vehicle or even a motor bicycle, you can request them to reserve it for you. This will save you more time, money and the hassle to look around for these after reaching there.

Pack Less

Pack only you need NOT want. After doing the research you have an idea of the culture, climate, and even the activities you gonna do so plan your attire accordingly. So you know what type of clothes you need and what you gonna wear. Pack vert light weight clothes cause only you are there to carry. But pack an extra pari of shoes. Pack disposable items and request your accommodation provider to arrange other things if you cannot carry all the things you need. Read below for more travel tips.

Solo Travel

Be a Local

 Try your level best to blend in rather than standing out like a foreigner.One of the best travel tips by experts. This is where your research helps you. You know the taste, color  and the types of clothing people where. Its not necessary to wear just like a local but no harm in adopting few of their styles.

You will be surprised how much it will help you if you at least can speak few sentences in the local language. So learn few catchy and  commonly used phrase you may need.

How to Greet, Ask for direction, Thank You, How much it is.

Smiley Face

Do not be paranoid and think everyone is there to take advantage of you. Try to smile with the locals and communicate with them. Make friends with them so you will not have any problems of getting information and help when you need. Trust your instincts and know whom to trust and when to draw the line.

Do not be Scared

It is intimidating to go to a place where you have not gone before and explore by your self. Do not let that cloud you. Think of doing what you want at any time you want. You do not have to check with someone else. No need to change your plans or do an activity you have already done for the sake of your travel partner.

Do not be afraid to move out of your comfort zone and meet new people. Discover new things you like.

Solo Travel

Keep them informed

 Share your travel plan, hotel names, contact numbers, itinerary with your friends and family. If there is a change in any of these, keep them informed. Make sure to communicate with them at least once a day. Thanks to wifi and social media you can post your activities so they all know whats happening with your holiday. Instagram is one of the best tools to collect your memories. Visit merry parking instagram here.

Give your best and do not hold back. Be adventures and tick your bucket list before coming back home.

Easter Traditions, Around the World.

Every country or sometimes every city has a different way of celebrating New Year, Christmas, Thanks Giving and Easter Holiday. One of the most common event in Easter celebration is to hide colorful eggs in outdoor and cheer up kids to fine as much as they can.

Do you want to celebrate this Easter in a different way? Why not make this Easter Holiday an exiting, by flying out to another country. Do not worry about airport parking, leave it to us. Merry Parking will take care of it while you have a fabulous holiday!!

Bermuda – Kite Flying

There are many traditions take place in Bermuda in Easter but Kite Flying stands out. Why exactly Kites? Don’t ask cause no one is exactly sure how it started. Children and even adults take part in this and they all fly hand made kites

During the festive days every restaurant or even street vendors will serve Cod Cakes and Hot Cross buns. These are most common food items made in Bermuda during the Easter Holidays. So now you know why you should visit Bermuda in Easter.

Greece – Fireworks

It’s common to have fire works and specially New Year celebrations. If you want to see beautiful fireworks in this April? Travel to Greece this Easter holiday. Across the country you can see fireworks at midnight.

While Bermuda celebrate Easter with buns and potatoes, Greece will have a feast with Lamb. A lamb stomach stew will be served as a light breakfast for everyone who is up to see the fireworks at midnight. Guess what for dinner? Ya roasted lamb!!!

India – Processions 

Majority of the population in India, are Hindus so you cannot see the easter celebrations across the country. But if you happen to be in Goa then you can see long processions. You will be able to see people walking behind large wooden cross.

After the event, numerous vendors will serve up some of the most mouth-watering curry dishes. Sit down and enjoy the meal.

Poland – Water Buckets

Perhaps you may not really want to be in Poland after reading this. There is a tradition called Smingus-Dyngus and boys will drench you with water. Also they believe the girls who get soaked in water will marry within that year.

Are You Familiar With The New Travel Language??

What?? is there a language called “Travel Language”

If this is your reaction when you read this topic, then keep on reading…. who knows, it may help you to be a cool parent your kids can brag.

Depending on travel trends and marketing spins travel industry comes up with new words. Actually these are made-up words. You may want to pull your hair after hearing some words and there could be a chance with time some words may go to Oxford dictionary.



Funny ! this has two meanings… Some says that without going out of your home (may be to your garden) and staying at home is the meaning of this. Basically you will not go to work and do other household work. Hire a house keeper and get deliveries.

The other meaning is staying at home and visiting local attractions. Getting to know your hometown better. Explore every corner of your town while staying at home. No need to spend money on hotel accommodation and on Airport Parking


Ladies night out!! not really. but close… when all the mommies leave their kids and the home with their husbands and go on a vacation you call it “momcation” Can you ladies really trust your husbands to not to turn house up side down??


This could be a similar to Poker nights guys have. Ladies are not allowed and what really happens only they k now. Let’s say bunch of guys get together and go on a holiday or even for a weekend you can use this word.


Why all the fun has to be for guys? Girls can too have fun either shopping, spa days, cocktail night. All girl things.


There are vacations people go for Spas. You spend the whole holiday in spa resorts getting various treatments done. These vacation’s involves lot of relaxations, heating healthy food, meditation, yoga session.


No, it’s not a magic spell that comes from an ancient book. It’s any holiday that you take to celebrate a special occasion or achievement. Quite a mouthful, don’t you think?


Have you ever go on a holiday at least for couple of days that you didn’t want to go but had to? A wedding out of town? family unions?


This is not a fiction but a reality. A weddingmoon happens when you do a destination wedding and spend your honeymoon at the same city.


Before delivering the baby when a couple goes for a vacation to spend time as a couple and to relax – Babymoon happens.

New words keeps adding in to the dictionary in the world of travel. Some of those words hilarious and some are endearing.

What do you actually think? You have a new word ? Share with us.