The Best Alternative for Luton Airport Parking

Your Family holiday this Christmas season is fast approaching. Probably you would have bought a set of new luggage, and latest travel gad-jets. All set to catch your flight, but you still have one final problem to solve. Should you go to Luton Airport Parking and Park your vehicle in the Short stay or long stay car park? It sounds like the best solution isn’t it? Think again. Explore the other transport options available.  You to make it to your flight on time without burning whole in your pocket.


Let’s begin with the obvious. Aren’t you  happy to load up the car with the new luggages, hit the M1 or M25. Then park at Luton airport it self. Sounds easy enough! but where are you going to park? Short stay or long stay and where exactly.. If you choose the Long stay then you need to wait for the shuttle bus to take you to the arrival terminal. So Short stay it is! But are you qualified for the short stay? and are you ready to pay £ 49 for each day?  Ok then Long stay it is! Free shuttle runs every 15 minutes and it take another 10 minutes to the terminal (depending on traffic) and £ 23 for each day! It is a bewildering selection.

The option that comes to mind when we think of Luton airport car parking is the long-stay option. Compare the per day charge you opted for the less price. However be prepared to drive around for ages looking for a vacant space. It could be very frustrating to haul your luggage to the shuttle in and out. You will ended up paying roughly £ 190 for a week. Parking closer to the terminal is easy as it’s just few minutes walk to the check in desk. The price tag you are looking is approximately £ 390 per week. Phew!


If you do not want to drive to the airport, well there are other options for that as well. A taxi from your home to Luton airport. You can prebook your taxi and for a family of 4 it will cost roughly £ 85 (one way) from Northamptonshire without any luggages. Price vary on the number of luggages you take. Alternatively, you could take an Uber. Every country it operates, they manage to acquire a large market share. But the longevity of the company is in question. Recently Uber lost the license to operate in London.

If taxi is out then you still let the train take the strain. You have to make to your local train station before enjoying the crowded trains. If you are lucky it will be a short walk if not its another taxi ride to your station. You may have to change trains and navigate platforms with luggage. Don’t forget the stairs, escalators. You have to allow time for the shuttle bus transfer if you get down at Luton Airport Parkway. If not another taxi from your station to the airport.


As you can see, the above options are a perfect blend of high-costs or backbreaking luggage hauling. The alternative is driving your own car and choosing a car park with Merry Parking. We feature a range of affordable parking options that include many added benefits . Choose from Luton Premium Valet, or Terminal Parking – Luton, or Super Saver Luton where you drive in, hand the keys over at the terminal it self. Driver park it for you and bring the vehicle back to the terminal.. Our cheapest option which is the Super Saver – Luton is £ 34 for a week! Subscribe to our newsletter or be part of our member club. Either way you can save more. Not only we offer cheap airport parking at Luton. 

All Luton airport parking options come with the 24/7 staffed and security monitored facility which is open 365 days a year. No hauling luggage , no waiting for shuttle buses, no need to look for a parking space. Just drive to the terminal and walk to the checking counter.

So remove the hassle and stress from your holiday by choosing to park with Merry Parking!



Pre-Holiday Do List

If you are a person who has a Do List for everything.. then you may already have a Holiday do list. But some of the points we discuss over hear may come in handy for sure. Isn’t it wise to be prepared rather than feel sorry later on. Sometimes just a one point you over see could ruin your entire holiday. Unexpected flight delays or weather are hard to prevented. However there are situations which is possible to avoid. Havin some time to consider every aspect and put it in a check list is all it takes!

Do you have valid Passport?

How many passengers get to know that they need to renews their passports when they try to check in? Too many.  Some airlines request to fill passport details. You are in luck if your airline asks for this so you can figure this at the very beginning. Expired passport will create a number of problems and could even prevent you from flying.

Visa is required to enter to the destination then  some countries may deny entry if your passport is about to expire. Usually within six months – of the travel date. In order to avoid situations like this, it is best to make sure the passport is valid and up to date.

Keep all the Confrimations together and in order

Everything can easily arranged by using the finger tips! You no longer need to walk in to a travel agency so you may be doing lot of booking and reservations. Flight bookings, hotel reservation, purchasing attraction tickets, booking your meet and greet airport parking, tours and hire vehicles.

Once your receive the confirmations, write down the reference numbers and print all the vouchers/tickets. Take a folder and file it as the order you need. No point writing down these numbers and filing if you forget to take this with you. So add to your check list to carry this file.

Pack your Medicine

If you are under medication then purchase enough plus extra for you to take with you. Buying medicine over board could you be expensive and sometimes you may find it difficult find your brand overseas. Try not to take the exact quantity you need. If there is a flight delay or decides to extend the holiday.. sometimes one of your loved once may want to surprise you.. so take extra and  pack it separately.

Keep someone informed of your Holiday

There is no need to announce the whole word about the travel plans. However keep someone informed of your travel plans. If necessary give a file of your confirmations, travel itinerary, copies of the passports. This is very important if you are traveling alone. Check out post for Helpful Travel Tips for the Solo traveller. 

While you are on holiday… your travel plans may change so keep this person informed of any changes..

Hope this Holiday do list will come in handy for you.

What is Halloween?

Is that a Holiday with a significant? Should we celebrate?


Is it just another event which was given more attention than it needed?,  so candy companies can sell more candies naming “Halloween Sale” ? Pubs and hotels to organize parties to increase their incomes?

Or is it the excitement of wearing costumes and pulling pranks ?

Lets see the how the word “Halloween” formed.. All Hallows’ Evening has become “ Halloween”


1st of November is the All Saint’s Day and All Saint’s eve which is celebrated on 31st of October. However this goes back to 1900 years. It was the biggest holiday of the year in England, Ireland for two reasons. It was the Celtic celebration of the new year and people believed its the day the souls of the dead could interact with their living relatives.

They also believed supernatural entities such as demons, witches, spirits freely roamed around on earth trying to trick them to have their fun. Offering fancy food and sweets were offered to escape such such tricks. Now do you wonder why people now a days wear costumes and play “Trick or Treat” ?



Back in good old days, bonfire fire was a big aspect of this rather than the modern elements such as Jaco lanterns.

Regardless whether you should celebrate the Halloween or not, we think its fun to turn up wearing a costume and enjoy your self… All the bakeries and coffee shops are offering the pumpkin spice drinks and eatables… After Christmas, Halloween has become the most festive
holiday which added seasonal elements.. We don’t see Christmas decors and trees all year around.. we don’t bake pumpkin pie’s..

Have you thought of traveling to another destination to see and feel the Halloween? We think that these are the cities which embrace it the most.

Día de los Muertos, Mexico

Greenwich Village Halloween parade, New York

Samhain, Ireland and Scotland

Obon festival, Japan

The Hungry Ghost Festival, Hong Kong

If you have any plans of going to any of these cities.. then don’t forget to Book your airport parking with us…

Best Airport Parking Option for Luton Airport Parking

When you look for airport parking at London Luton, you will see there are many car parks. These car parks has different types of products at different prices. Price difference are due to many reasons and if you look carefully you will know the difference. Not all the products are for everyone looking for Luton Airport Parking.

Luton airport parking


We have listed down the differences and which product to choose.

Cheapest Luton Airport Parking:

The most cheapest are “Super Saver”, “Non Flex” products. However please note that you cannot amend, or get a refund for these if you cancel.

Merry parking super saver

• Booking in Advance:

If you are booking the airport parking more than 3 months in advance then always go for the standard products. You can amend as you want in case your travel plans change and you will get at least partial refund, depending on the cancellation policy.

• Not Really Sure of your Travel Plans:

Always book the premium products, as you can change the details. The cancellation fee is very minimum for these products compare to other and most of the time, you are eligible to purchase the “Cancellation Cover” which allows you to get a full refund. (See the terms and conditions)

Recently  Ryanair canceled their flights and Monarch Airlines ceased trading, stranding over 30,000 holiday makers. For those who booked Luton airport parking with the cancellation cover manager to received the full amount due to this.

• Most secure option:

In the car park facilities, look for the “Park Mark Award” icon. These car parks have the Trading Standards approval for maintaining high level security measures at their car parks. “Buy With Confidence”, “Airport Approval” car parks also highly recommendable. However it is not the most cheapest.

• Closest to the airport: 

This is not really an important fact to consider, if you are getting “Meet and Greet” service. As your driver will collect/deliver the vehicle at the Terminal.

However if you have chosen “Park and Ride” option then reserving a car park closest to the airport has its advantage of saving more time. It will be a quick trip in the shuttle bus and it may be free of charge or a minimum amount as its close by to the airport.

How to Keep Your Self Busy at Heathrow Airport?

Heathrow airport is one of the busiest airport in UK and in the world as well. Having 5 Terminals makes it one of the biggest airports as well. At the moment Terminal 1 is not in operations but the other four are functioning.

Retail Therapy 

At any given time , shopping is one of the relaxing and joyful thing to do. (may be expect Christmas time 😉 ) There are plenty of options at Heathrow. However planning the time you spend at Heathrow is very important as some shops are are not accessible after Security clearance. No matter what you purchase you can collect Heathrow points on almost everything. Even you can earn points when you exchange currency at the airport.

Did you know that below services are available at Heathrow Airport?

  1. Reserve and collect – You can reserve the items you want before you fly and collect it at the airport. We think this is a smart thing to do, so you will not get disappointed if there is no stock. The staff will make sure to reserve your goodies.
  2. Pay and Collect later – Sometimes the shops you see on your departure may not be at the Arrival sections. If so you have to buy and carry all the items along your holiday. But at Heathrow you can buy and collect it when you come back from your trip. If not they will deliver it to your home address. How convenient is that!!
  3. Complimentary personal shopping service – If you can book an appointment with an accredited stylist, 48 hours prior to flying. They will consult you with your preference, budget and time you have at the airport and let you know a shopping plan.






Culinary Experience.

You will not have to worry if you didn’t have time to grab something to eat. As matter of fact, we think you should have your meals at the airport. You get plenty of restaurants with wide and exciting range of food. There are celebrity chef restaurants at Heathrow like, Gordon Ramsey, Heston Blumenthal where you can enjoy a 3 course meal.  There is one for each terminal and you can discover our healthy options as well as how to choose the right breakfast for your time zone.Find vegan, vegetarian, kosher, halal, gluten-free and wheat-free options at Heathrow restaurants and cafés. These outlets have all told us they offer menus to suit those with particular dietary requirements.



There is never a dull moment at Heathrow and every time you fly you will see something new. Airport organise special events every month. So check whats happening at the airport and make sure to be part either its live music, competition. There is no need to sit and wait for your flight when there there plenty of things to do.

Allow your self to keep you entertain with all these services. Do not arrive at the airport last minute and then look around for a space to park. Book your Heathrow airport parking well in advance with our meet and greet car parks.

visit to reserve your meet and greet at Heathrow airport