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Valet Parking
This service is ONLY available at our Manchester Airport Parking.

Won’t you like to see your vehicle shinning, shimmering and splendid when you return back from your trip? If you are flying out of Manchester Airport then make sure to book the “PS - Meet & Greet Plus Wash & Wax” product so your vehicle will get the fantastic treatment so it shines its brightest.

You don’t always have to choose the wash and wax and leave the vehicle with us. Here are few tips, which you can add to your regular cleaning routine to make sure your vehicle looks as brand new.

Wash the stains in the interior as soon as you can
Not only the kids but also even you may leave stains, crumbs and grease all over. Do not wait till your next service use the right cleaning products and wash off the stains as soon as you can. If you have enough space, keep these cleaning products in small containers in your car so you can take care immediately.
Use the right wax
Not only the cracks, water marks, chips can give a older and shabby look to your vehicle. Dust, snow and other natural elements can take a tool on the paint. Check with your car service provider and apply a bit of wax after every wash if you clean your vehicle at home.
If you can give a quick wash to your vehicle after every dusty drive
Find time and hose down your vehicle after every dusty drive. Keeping the vehicle with dust till the next service can only make things very difficult even for your service provider.